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Set up in 2004, Lingo School of Knowledge has grown our business to include 3 areas of skill trainings:

  • Language Instruction
  • IELTS Preparatory Classes
  • Corporate Training Programs

Lingo's is in the business of training and language instruction is one of our main core activities. Lingo's language instruction covers a wide range of languages from English (General Program and IELTS Preparatory Programs), Mandarin, French, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Malay, German, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, Cantonese, Russian, Dutch, Hindi and many more rare languages for your selection.

We are also proud to be an IDP IELTS training partner. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. IELTS conforms to the highest international standards of language assessment. It comprises of four different language skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Lingo's IELTS Preparatory Classes is designed specifically to help non-native speakers of English achieve their desired grades in IELTS. Over 2 million tests taken in the 2011 year and IELTS results are being used across the world by more than 9,000 government agencies, educational institutions, faculties and professional organisations in over 135 countries.

Lingo School of Knowledge stands strong in our belief of providing top class programs to our customers. We will continue to set a high standard of education and support Singapore's goal of becoming a top-notch education hub in this part of the world.

We have set three basic goals to govern the management of our Institution:

  1. We aim to hire only the best.

    All courses and syllabus will be constantly reviewed and restructured to keep up with our ever changing environment. We will also continue to add new courses in to keep up with training requirements of tomorrow's individuals, corporations and institutions.

  2. We aim to be progressive and proactive.

    Our teachers and lecturers are carefully selected to ensure that their values and characters reflect that of the school. We will teach all languages using only trained native speakers so as to ensure the quality of our programs. We will recruit and retain only the best educators in their respective fields by constantly evaluating our trainer's skill and attitude.

    For the students' optimum classroom interaction and learning, we will maintain an appropriate teacher-to-student ratio of no more than 20:1, thus providing the best opportunity for student-teacher and student-student collaboration.

  3. We aim to provide a conducive learning environment.

    We constantly observe, assess and upgrade our physical set-up to provide a pleasant and fun learning ambience for our students at all times.

Our Mission Statement

Lingo School of Knowledge aims to set high standards in the education industry by constantly meeting our customer's expectations, by constantly reviewing our situation and by constantly upgrading ourselves so as to continually provide quality service to all our customers.

Our Vision

  • To be a leader in the field of education by offering high quality language and training programs at a competitive price.
  • To get it right the first time – Every time.
  • To consistently conform to Singapore's private education's regulation of our school and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Why Choose Lingo?

Ministry of Education registered School Ministry of Education registered School
Experienced & qualified Native Teachers Experienced & qualified Native Teachers
Small Class Size Small Class Size
Conversation Skills Conversation Skills
Private Classes Private Classes
Certificate upon Completion Certificate upon Completion

But most importantly, because Lingo cares about you. Come join the Lingo family now!