Transfer Policy

Lingo School

Should a student wishes to transfer to another Course within LINGO, he/she should fill up our Course Transfer Request Form and submit it to our Customer Service Officer. Alternatively, they can also download the form from our website and submit the form online to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upon receipt of a duly signed and completed Course Transfer Request Form, our Customer Service Officer will contact the student in three (3) working days to ensure that the new Course selected is in the student’s interests and benefit.

Should the transfer be within LINGO, students are requested to withdraw from the existing course by cancelling the existing Student Contract and submit a new application for the Course desired.

A student's request can only be effective upon satisfying the following conditions:

  • Submit a duly signed "Course Transfer Request Form"
  • Student meets the requirements of the new course for transfers within LINGO
  • Students below the age of 18 must have a written consent from their parent/guardian
  • Student has fulfilled all fees payable to LINGO at the time of the transfer request for the existing course
  • The request for Course Transfer is approved by management
  • LINGO has the requested course up for registration

Upon the approval of the course transfer application, LINGO shall process the following:

  • A duly signed "Notice of Cancellation of Agreement" to cancel the existing Student Contract, with the consent by parent/guardian, if the student is below legal age of 18
  • LINGO shall issue a processed and duly signed Notification for Course Transfer Application to the Student
  • A new Student Contract for the new course for the student to sign. For students below the legal age of 18, parent/guardian must countersign on the Student Contract for the new course.

The course fees needed to pay for the new course will be the same as stated in the course brochure. All Registration fees and Student Protection Scheme fees will be waived in any transfers within LINGO.

Upon successful transfer to a course within LINGO, we shall refund any outstanding balance due to the transfer or the student shall make course fee payment top up 2 weeks before the commencement of the course.

LINGO shall process the transfer application in no less than seven (7) working days, inform the student of the new Course schedule and effect the complete transfer to the new Course in no later than fourteen (14) working days subject to course availability.