Mother Tongue In-Lieu

Welcome to Lingo School.

We are registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) under the registration number 3552, emphasizing our commitment to delivering excellent language instruction.

At Lingo, we deeply appreciate the essence of mother tongues in shaping a child's identity, enhancing cultural understanding, and bridging communication gaps. It is with this belief that we offer Mother Tongue In-Lieu courses designed to cater to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of our students. Our programs are not just about language acquisition; we promote a deeper appreciation and understanding of each language's rich culture and heritage.

Our highly experienced team of educators is committed to delivering comprehensive, engaging, and effective language courses, designed to cater to each learner's unique needs and pace. We work diligently to ensure every student is provided with the necessary resources and support to reach their full linguistic potential.

We cordially invite you to explore the wide array of languages we offer and find the perfect fit for your child. Together, let's cultivate a love for languages, nurture cultural ties, and prepare our children for a global future. At Lingo, language learning extends beyond classrooms - it's a journey into the heart of diverse cultures.

Join us today at Lingo, where your child's linguistic journey begins.