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Dawn Chua (Spanish)

"Paula is definitely an experienced Spanish teacher who delivers well in class whereby her experience is portrayed well in her style of teaching in class. She is always keen in answering the doubts of the students and has always inspired us to learn Spanish to a higher level."

Min Yi (French)

"I must say that all of us had an amazing time learning this beautiful language. French is definitely not an easy language to learn, however, Mr Dimitri had made the classes an inspiring one to learn and we have continued to learn French in a fun way with various different types of fun activities in class. He is an extremely dedicated teacher who continues to give us the enthusiasm to learn French language."

Dannis Wong (Japanese)

"Goto Sensei is a very dedicated teacher and spends his extra time outside of class hours to clear our doubts whenever needed. The learning of Japanese language had been so much easier as Goto Sensei speaks English well and explains well to the students while teaching Japanese language. I must say that he keeps us keen and excited in all his lessons, every week."

Elvin Chong (Bahasa Indonesian)

"I didn’t realise the beauty of the Indonesian culture as well as the language until I joined Lingo. Mrs Renata had taught us the beauty of it during the 12 weeks of the course. She is always willing to teach us and ensure we understand till we are fully aware of the language of each level as we go on this course."

Lin Ke Li (German)

"Mr. Tim Wekezer has been an awesome teacher to us. He definitely has built a great rapport with us that has enabled us as student to show a lot of interest on German language as well as the respect for him. He never thinks twice to repeat previous materials if students are in doubt. He ensures all the students understand well before he starts on his each new lesson, every week."

Carla, Sankaran Chellanal Menon (English)

"Presna has helped me so much in achieving my English to another level where I am shocked to know that I can improve so much within a short period of time. Even my children was so surprised that I could know this much!! I love the way she teach as she interacts a lot with me and we have become so close through the lessons that I have treated her like my own daughter now. Best teacher in the world!"

Nur Alim Bin Mohd Ali (Thai)

"When I first came to Lingo to learn Basic Thai with Kru Thip and other students, I know that I will continue learning Thai Language with her. Because the way she taught her students is so easy and simple to understand. She will ask her students to speak in Thai during class so that each student will remember what they have learnt in class. Kru Thip is a fun and great teacher to learn with. I am now taking private class with her and I can assure that I will continue learning Thai Language with her until I can fully understand and speak Thai fluently."

Jun Xian (Korean)

"Despite having difficulties in picking up Korean language, Ms Yim always stretches her helping hands to us without hesitation. Given her passion in teaching, she nurtures us with great enthusiasm and never fails to bring us laughter during every lesson. Furthermore, Ms Yim gives her best in explaining every question we will prompt, ensuring that we are able to comprehend it easily. She is definitely one of the best teachers that I ever met. 화이팅 ! (Fighting ! )"

Eileen (Thai)

"Kru Thip who teaches me Thai. Her lessons were never dry. Consonants and vowels she requires me to memorize. To make sure I speak and write just fine. Yes, Indeed, Difficult it is pasaa Thai. But she is always patient and nice. Ready to help as I attempt a try. And never fails to answer all my whys. Kru Thip who teaches me Thai, She is really wise. She understands me in my broken Thai. And make it a point to correct my broken Thai. Hence, when I face off difficult Pasaa Thai, I no need to sigh, Because I can always go back and ask kru thip the wise, And know that her answers I can rely. Thence, to Kru Thip who teaches me Thai. You are awesome in my eyes."


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