Service Quality Guarantee

Lingo School

LINGO School of Knowledge ("hereafter known as LINGO") is incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 50) (Company Number: 200410651M) and our courses are registered with the Ministry of Education. The school is committed to ensuring that all LINGO's publicity and communication materials pertaining to the school and courses are constantly updated to reflect accurate information. This assurance also includes the consistency of information across all marketing and publicity channels.

Confidentiality Policy

We undertake that all personal data and information submitted to the school shall be kept strictly confidential. LINGO will not divulge any of your personal information to any unauthorized third party without first getting your prior written consent.

Enrollment Policy

Applicants will be assured a place upon submitting a completed application form (online or on-site at premises) if they meet all the required course requirements and complete payment of the course fees.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

LINGO is committed to providing equal opportunity to all, without regard to race, religion, nationality, gender, marital status, age or disability.

Amendments to Policies

LINGO reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue Courses, fees, the calendar, course offerings, graduation requirements, rules, policies and procedures as it deems necessary or appropriate. Students will be provided with written notice of these changes whenever possible through means such as posted notices or the Student Handbook. No exceptions may be necessary made to any of the academic or academic-related policies or procedures without prior written authorization by the Director of LINGO. No representation by any School employee to the contrary may be considered authorized or binding.


If any student faces any matters that require counseling or advise, students may contact LINGO directly either through email or phone to request for a session with a representative from our School.