At LINGO, we train you to be proficient in speaking and writing in your language chosen. You will be certified by Lingo after at the completion of every level and once you are ready, we will also help sign you up to participate in each language's official proficiency testing programs conducted by the host country of that language.

Learn from highly-trained, specialised native speaking language teachers in their respective language courses. The Executive/Adult Courses may be taken in part time or full time depending on your schedule.

To obtain the attendance certificate the student must attend a minimum of 70% of the lessons.

5 Reasons to Learn a new Language

Speaking two or more language has quite a wide scale of benefits. We are giving you five compelling reasons why you should get yourself started on learning a new language now.

  1. Learning a new language enhances executive function, which is the ability to focus on information needed to complete a task. Executive functioning teaches you to keep a goal in mind and ignore other information that might distract you from that goal.

  2. Studies have shown that bilinguals do better at multitasking.

  3. Learning a new language allows you to think flexibly and more sensitively.

  4. Learning a new language provides access, connection and exposure to various cultures all over the world, equipping you with the ability to enjoy the treasure of literature, folk stories and poetry from various cultures. Hence, you get an open mind.

  5. Multilingualism sets you at an advantageous position in terms of employment and career opportunities. It gives you a choice of jobs in various fields. Oftentimes, large successful companies prefer people who speak different languages in jobs related to retail sector, tourism, transport, secretarial work, administration, public relations, sales and marketing, banking and accountancy, translation and teaching.