Eunice Ya

4 July 2013

"Thip is a good example of your array of fantastic teachers. Thip is extremely helpful, attentive and friendly. She would also go beyond the official course hours,to assist us so as to accommodate our busy schedules in her personal time. Right amount of materials of syllabus well-planned for working professionals."

Wong Siew Ling Joanna

14 June 2013

"I'd enjoyed a lot in his lessons.He is caring,he even bought is sandwiches during our break time. He will crack jokes. I was looking forward to his lesson every time."


14 June 2013

"He has express the meaning of the language and give us important tips and information about Japan. He always repeat every lesson so all students can understand the words"

Muhd Syafiq Bin Shaifuddin

14 June 2013

"Goto Sensei not only teach us the language but he teach us the culture of Japan."

Lina Tan

16 July 2013

"There is a vaviety of languages offered in the school. The teacher tries her best and does recap prior to the start of each lesson. She extends her help reading."


16 July 2013

"Sue is more than helpful to answer all of our question. Course is structured to learn in a progressive and clear manner."


16 July 2013

"The teacher speaks good English,is patient and makes sure that the students understand."

Kristine Foo Mei Yee

10 July 2013

"The teachers here are good, friendly and have enough knowledge of language."

Deeno Barak (26-Feb-2014)

Michelle Low (26-Feb-2014)

Zhuo Yiying (26-Feb-2014)

Sabrina Nurul Amira (25-Feb-2014)

Celest CHoo (25-Feb-2014)

Anne Marie Mok (25-Feb-2014)

Laura Neri Perez (24-Feb-2014)

Amanda Chia (24-Feb-2014)

Rebecca Koh Liqi (24-Feb-2014)

Jasper Jun Kai Chew (24-Feb-2014)

Joanne Tan (24-Feb-2014)

Jonathan Kwok (23-Feb-2014)

Sheryl Gibuena (23-Feb-2014)

Jiahui Lim (23-Feb-2014)

Kaifeng Lin (22-Feb-2014)

Haf Saba (22-Feb-2014)

Steward Lim (22-Feb-2014)


Wu Hanguang (20-Feb-2014)

Eunice Choo Shu Hwee (07-Feb-2014)

Ler Lian Hui (06-Feb-2014)

Yong Lei Xin (05-Feb-2014)

Silviana Oloan (05-Feb-2014)

Seah Hui Huan (05-Feb-2014)

Chua Pei Ni Richael (04-Feb-2014)

Branislav Polach (04-Feb-2014)

Yong Siong Kiat (04-Feb-2014)

Chim Yi Hui (03-Feb-2014)

Chiang Liwen Sarah (03-Feb-2014)

Renee Foo Rui Yi (03-Feb-2014)

Han Ying Eugenia (03-Feb-2014)

Lau Shi Min (01-Feb-2014)

Yeo Yong Kiat (30-Jan-2014)

Varun Singh Chandel (28-Jan-2014)

Wolfram Huesken (28-Jan-2014)

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