Five languages to learn that will open doors for you in the future

 17 November, 2023
Five languages to learn that will open doors for you in the future

Learning a new language is a rewarding experience, but it is no easy feat. While some languages are easier than others if you speak English, some take plenty of time, patience, and effort to master. So, if you’re putting in all that hard work to learn a new language, why not make it one that gives you an advantage in the near future?

As the world becomes more accessible through technology, business environments are becoming increasingly international. If you want to work or study abroad, speaking more than one primary language is the skill you need that gives you an edge over the competition. 

Besides giving your career a boost, learning a language or two that will be widely spoken in the future also opens up an exciting and more immersive world of travel. Depending on your future goals, ambitions, and interests, these are five of the most popular languages in the future that will unlock opportunities and open doors for you in the future.

  1. Mandarin Chinese
    Due to the economic boom in China, Mandarin is already a popular language, especially in the business context. As the second most spoken language in the world after English, it is commonly used in business environments – not only in Asian countries such as Singapore and Taiwan but on other continents as well.
    If you plan to work for international companies or multi conglomerates, speaking Mandarin will help you understand the culture and connect with clients or colleagues overseas. As Mandarin is a challenging language to learn, it will also give your brain a good workout! MandarinLearning Mandarin can unlock doors for you in Beijing or other Mandarin-speaking environments.
  2. Spanish 
    As the fourth most spoken language in the world, Spanish opens up a world of possibilities and culture to native speakers. In countries such as the U.S., Spanish is almost as commonly used as English. With diversity becoming more valued, adding Spanish fluency can boost your CV as well, as several jobs abroad are now requiring this skill. 
    Since Spanish has common Latin influences with other Romance languages such as French and Italian, learning Spanish can help you with other languages in this region as well. This makes travelling in Europe and experiencing the cultures a lot more enjoyable. 
    SpanishEnjoy an immersive experience in beautiful Spain when you learn Spanish.
  3. Hindi
    Just like China, India’s economy is currently booming, and there are plenty of opportunities. Currently driven by offshoring, investment in manufacturing, growing digital infrastructure, and energy transition, the country is thriving and will continue to do so for the next few years.
    With a rich cultural heritage and stunning tourist attractions, India attracts tourists and immigrants from around the world. As the world’s oldest language, Hindi is also the official language in India. Learning it will help you get your foot in the door when it comes to working in the country or conversing and connecting with colleagues from there. It will also help you with travelling and communicating with the locals.
    HindiLearning Hindi can open up a world of possibilities if you plan to work with those in booming India.
  4. Arabic
    Another region that is booming in terms of business and international trade is the Middle East, particularly countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. In fact, the United Arab Emirates reportedly plans to accelerate its economic growth and double its domestic product by the end of this decade.
    Speaking Arabic can help you enter these exciting and innovative markets and climb the ladder of success. If you plan to work as an expat in countries such as Dubai and Qatar, although many natives speak English, it will allow you to connect better and communicate with the locals and colleagues. While Arabic is not the easiest language to learn, it will be well worth it in the future if you are interested in mastering it. 
    ArabicSpeaking Arabic can give you an edge if you wish to work or travel in futuristic cities such as Dubai.
  5. Japanese
    Another challenging yet rewarding language to learn is Japanese. As the official language of Japan, it unlocks a rich cultural world and opens up plenty of opportunities. Japan is a technologically advanced country and has outpaced several Asian countries when it comes to development. It is also welcoming to foreigners and expats and is known to be a very safe, clean, and comfortable country to live in.
    Speaking the language is almost essential when working in Japan as it is widely spoken in the country. When it comes to travelling and immersing yourself in the local food and culture, it is also an advantage to speak and understand Japanese. As a complex language to learn, Japanese can also help you boost your cognitive skills and improve your memory. 
    JapaneseExperience all that Japan has to offer when you speak the local language of Japanese.

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