10 compelling reasons to learn a new language in 2023

 03 February, 2023
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10 compelling reasons to learn a new language in 2023

Always wanted to learn a new language? As we head into a new year, now’s the time to delve into picking up a language, as we set new goals for ourselves.

There are many reasons why you should learn a new language sooner rather than later. Above all, global interconnectedness is accelerating in the working world. Besides career opportunities, learning a language has a positive impact on your social and cognitive functions as well.

So if you need more compelling reasons to finally sign up for a language class in 2023, keep reading to understand why you really have no excuse not to!

10 top reasons to learn a new language in 2023

1. Expands career opportunities

Our society is becoming so interconnected at all levels of human activity, such as the world economy. This is why more companies are placing value on global citizens and employees who have a strong understanding of working in multicultural environments. Speaking more than one language opens up doors to these diverse work environments where you can converse and communicate with colleagues and clients all around the world.

From jobs in translation to legal to business, all sectors are becoming more globalized. Knowing another language such as Mandarin, Korean, German or Arabic is fast becoming a major skill and asset that highlights your resume to potential employers.

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2. Work and live abroad

As outlined above, learning a second or third language not only makes you more employable in your home country but also abroad. If you plan to work abroad, do some research on the common languages in the countries you’re interested in and consider learning them to give you an edge when you apply. Now that borders have opened up and visa sponsorship is gaining traction again, 2023 is the ideal year to start looking at overseas work opportunities.

Not only can a new language skill attract global employers, it will help you adjust to working life better even if your colleagues also speak English. You’ll be able to understand customs and the culture better so you can also better transition to a new living environment.

3. Travel with ease

Travelling is much easier, and let’s face it, more enjoyable when you can speak the language. You can converse easily, read menus and immerse yourself in the culture without Google Translate when you visit non English speaking countries.

For example, languages such as Italian and Spanish are useful when travelling to European countries as they’re similar with other Roman and Germanic languages such as English and Portuguese. Having a basic understanding of these languages can help you greatly when you travel.

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4. Improve cognitive skills and memory function

Did you know that learning languages actually makes your brain work better? A study by Baycrest and York University [1] found that adults who studied Spanish showed similar improvement in their critical cognitive skills compared to those who did brain training exercises that specifically targeted those skills. It’s among the many research studies that have proven that the process of learning a language benefits brain health.

It also boosts memorization, as studies have shown that people who speak a second language perform better on memory tests. Plus, learning language reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in older adults.

5. Boosts empathy and creative thinking

Not only does learning a language make you smarter, it even makes you a better person! Research shows [2] that the process of studying a language improves humility, flexibility and empathy which are needed for creative thinking.

It also opens up your mind to new concepts and schools of thought, helping you develop skills such as leadership, communication and decision-making.

6. Connect with your heritage

With the world becoming more diverse, many of us may feel disconnected from our heritage, especially if we have descended from immigrants. If you feel an urge to connect more with your culture and heritage, learning the language can help fill in the gaps so you can understand the  nuances and subtleties.

Plus, imagine the delight and surprise from your relatives when you can finally speak your native tongue, it will definitely be worth it for that alone!

7. Learn about other cultures

On the other hand, learning a new language also provides you access to other cultures. For interracial relationships, learning about your partner’s culture through their native language is often a great way to bond and connect.

Or if you’re fascinated by other cultures, picking up the language brings you even closer so you can understand more about the history and cultural references.

8. Opens up your entertainment options

Bored of the Western film industry? Many around the world have picked up languages such as Korean and Japanese, in tandem with the entertainment industry boom from these such countries.

Watching that new K-drama without subtitles will definitely be more satisfying when you understand the language, or maybe it’s Bollywood music that you love. The world of entertainment undoubtedly gets bigger when you pick up new languages.

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Image credit: New York, NY - September 28, 2019: K-Pop band NCT 127 performs on stage during 2019 Global Citizen Festival at Central Park

9. Meet people with like-minded interests

Joining a language course helps you make new friends and meet new people with similar interests. Practising a language with others helps master it, which is why taking a language class is one of the best ways to learn it. You’ll get to know other people with the same interests as you, and maybe even forge long lasting friendships!

10. Gives you a goal to accomplish

Having goals is good for our mental health, as it gives us something to look forward to and the satisfaction of completing something challenging. Need something to kickstart your motivation in 2023? Mastering a language can help you feel a sense of accomplishment that you can be proud of.

So there you have it - 10 reasons why you shouldn’t delay learning a new language in 2023. Need help choosing a language? Contact us to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.



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